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Classic Carder drum carder - Wide

Classic Carder drum carder - Wide

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Classic Carder carders are hand-built by Paul Brittain in England. They have incredible quality and lots of customization options for those looking for more specific features.
They are built in solid ash finished with oil.
One of the distinguishing features is the possibility of changing the drums so that we can card different fibers without having to buy another card.

The model Wide is indicated for those who prefer to work with larger carded pieces. The teeth are longer than the regular ones, so this carder cards more than 100gr of fiber.

The drum width of this carder is 30cm.
Includes the "doffer" to remove the fiber from the carder, staples to be fixed to the table and a 2-year warranty.

- 4-layer cloth available in densities of 72 and 120tpi
- extra long teeth
- 30cm wide drums
- interchangeable drums
- solid wood structure
- card over 100gr of fiber with size 30x58cm
- cloth color available in red or gray
- folding crank

Length: 50cm
Width: 50cm with a folded crank or 55cm with open crank
Height: 22cm

Notes: the value of the card includes all import fees and home delivery;

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