Louet drumcarder - 72tpi

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A drumcarder is an excellent investment for those who want to make fiber preparation faster and more effective. It can be used in the preparation of carded fibers for spinning and for felting, for example.

This Louet carder is available in three widths: 10cm, 20cm and 30cm. It is constructed of laminated birch with a hard white coating. The gears are insulated in order to prevent the entry of fibers.

For those who work with Portuguese wool, I recommend a cloth with a density of 72tpi, which is more versatile. However, all Louet carders have the option of 46tpi cloth, suitable for thicker fibers.

- built in laminated birch;

- 10cm, 20cm or 30cm wide drum;

- available with 72tpi cloth, the most versatile;

- speed ratio to the surface of the roller 12: 1

- gear ratio of 3.8: 1.

-includes utensils for removing the carded blanket and cleaning the drum;

Saber Fazer is Louet's official representative in Portugal. If you are looking for any specific equipment you don't find in the online store, don't hesitate

to contact us.