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Compact Drumcarder

Compact Drumcarder

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Cloth density
This is our new drumcarder model: more compact and more affordable, with a 20cm wide drum. It is available with 72TPI and 120TPI cloth, with the 72TPI density being the most versatile for those working with Portuguese wool, and the 120TPI being better for finer fibers (merino wool, alpaca, etc.).
It has a total carding surface of 61x20cm. The drums can be adjusted to the position you prefer.
Drumcarders make the fiber carding process a much faster, easier and more convenient task. They can be used to prepare carded fibers for spinning and felting, for example.

- Drum width: 20cm;
- Carding surface: 61x20cm;
- Included: tools for removing the carded blanket and cleaning the drum and 2 table clamps;
- Cloth density: 72TPI (the most versatile) or 120TPI (for finer fibers);
- Materials: made of resistant materials, rubber cloth, industrial belt and adjustable drums;

We also have carding cloth available by the meter, suitable for replacing old or worn cloths from drum carders.

What does "TPI" mean? TPI refers to "teeth per inch." The TPI defines the density of the teeth on the card cloth. A denser cloth will have more teeth per unit of surface area and will be more suitable for carding finer wools. A less dense cloth has fewer teeth and is better suited for thicker wools.

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