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Bordaleiro 1-ply Yarn

Bordaleiro 1-ply Yarn

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The Bordaleiro 1-ply is a single ply yarn with the same composition as our Bordaleiro 2-ply yarn. It is absolutely fantastic!

It is a yarn produced from Portuguese wool from the Serra da Estrela area, with low processing, which we have been using in our atelier for both weaving and natural dyeing.

Being 100% wool, this yarn responds very well to natural dyeing.

It is available in 100gr skeins and in larger spools.


Composition: 100% Portuguese wool from the Serra da Estrela region

Washing, fiber preparation and spinning processing location:): Guarda

Available colors: natural white, natural brown and mixed;

Thickness: 4-5mm needles;

Structure: single ply;

Yardage : 250m / 100gr

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