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Mulheres de Bucos yarn

Mulheres de Bucos yarn

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This is an exceptional yarn produced by Ilídia Oliveira, one of the Mulheres de Bucos. The wool comes from a local flock of Bordaleira sheep from Entre-Douro-e-Minho, one of our native breeds. From shearing, the wool is entirely processed by Ilídia, from washing to spinning, through carding. This is a single ply yarn, mixed and irregular, created from the mixture of white and black wool in the carding phase. Spinning is completely manual, in a spindle identical to those that inspired our Portuguese spindles.

This mixed yarn was originally designed by Helena Cardoso, to be used in the scarves she produces with Mulheres de Bucos, with whom she collaborates continuously for years.


Producer: Ilídia Oliveira

Type of production:handmade

Local: Bitches

Yarn design: Helena Cardoso

Composition: 100 wool of sheep breed Bordaleiras from Entre-Douro-e-Minhoo

Thickness: 5-6mm needles

Structure: single ply

Approximate weight per skein: 120gr

ABOUT ILÍDIA: Ilídia Oliveira lives and works in Bucos, a small village in the municipality of Cabeceiras de Basto. Since she was a little girl, she works with wool, from sheep to loom. It is also part of Mulheres de Bucos, a group of women who regularly come together at Casa da Lã to work wool and are considered the best spinner of all. Since 2011, I have recorded her work and her know-how, which she has shared with me without reservation over the years and it was thanks to her that I took the first correct steps in the walks of Wool. If you have been following Saber Fazer for some time, you may think that you do not know Ilídia, but in fact you have seen it here many times, illustrated by Maria Helena Silva, in our postcards, on site, in our atelier.

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