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Tapete yarn - 100% wool

Tapete yarn - 100% wool

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The Tapete yarn is a 2-ply 100% wool yarn produced with very thick wool of the churro type. It is suitable for those looking to produce more resistant or decorative pieces, such as tapestries, rugs or others.
It's great to use as a weaving or tapestry web, as it's quite resistant!

It is available in 50gr balls (70m yardage) or cones of 700gr, in a mix of natural brown with a little white.

Composition: 100% wool
Processing location (washing, fiber preparation and spinning): Guarda
Available colors: natural light brown
Yardage: 142m/100gr approx. Each cone features 1000 meters of yarn.
Thickness: 1.5Nm / n8 yarn (weaving) / 5mm needles (knitting)
Structure: 2-ply
Quantity: 50gr balls or 700gr cones

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