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Portuguese spindle in Rosewood

Portuguese spindle in Rosewood

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The spindle known as Portuguese spindle is a tool that I consider to be unique, with regard to handspinning. Its deceptively simple form only reveals its capabilities as we learn to work with it and deepen our knowledge.

Saber Fazer spindles are a version of the traditional spindle used mainly in Minho, improved in functionality through our experience in spindle spinning. It was changed in conjunction with Tita Costa, when we tried to have a spindle that we both would like to use, despite having different spinning techniques.

Only 25cm long, it can be used with or without a distaff. The meticulously sculpted wood allows it to be used as a normal suspension spindle, if desired, and facilitates the start of learning.

All Saber Fazer spindles are produced manually in porto, handturned from the best wood, with precision and expertise.

All the spindles will be different, with a marbled appearance because they incorporate two different parts of the trunk. The finish is smooth and polished, without varnishes or waxes.

It is small, portable and certainly the most elegant spindle I know. It will be sent together with a sample of our Alentejo merino wool, so that it can be used right away!

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