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We now have a kit of basic woolworking tools available.

This kit contains a selection of materials that are essential both for those who are just starting out in woolworking and for those who already have experience but are looking for quality tools to aid their practice. 
It includes a suspension spindle and a Kromski niddy noddy

We also have a more complete kit available, which includes a suspension spindle, a niddy noddy and a pair of 72tpi hand cards, the most versatile for use with Portuguese wools.


If you want to learn more about the whole process of processing wool fiber, we have workshops available where you can Learn to Work Wool, from Sheep to Yarn. 
In our workshops you have the excellent opportunity to try out all kinds of equipment and raw materials, including carders, combs, drum carders, spindles, spinning wheels, and various types of wool from Portuguese breeds!

Link: Workshop - "Learning Wool Work, from Sheep to Yarn".

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