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Carded wool for felting or wadding - Natural White

Carded wool for felting or wadding - Natural White

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Carded Portuguese wool, suitable for spinning, felting, filling or batting.

This wool, from Portuguese sheep of the Merino type, is only washed and carded in a blanket, maintaining its natural characteristics. As a filling, it is great for quilting projects and is available in large pieces with 2.0mx2.40m, pillows or dolls filling.

In felting, it is very useful for large projects, since it is available in a mat with different dimensions, but can also be used in small portions.

It is also suitable for spinning carded yarns.

It is available in white and natural brown.

When ordering this product, please select the weight or dimension of the desired part indicated in the options. If you want your piece in a larger dimension, please contact us.

Fiber: Portuguese merino wool

Processing location: Beiras

Preparation: washed and carded

Colors: natural white and natural brown

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