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Churra Mirandesa Wool by the Kg

Churra Mirandesa Wool by the Kg

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Raw wool from Churra Galega Mirandesa sheep from the 2019 shearing in Miranda do Douro to the flock of the Mirandese Sheep Breeders Association. This breed is one of our 16 native breeds.

The shearing was carried out by Martin O'Connel, and the selection of wool was carried out by Alice Bernardo and Isabel Sá at the time of shearing.

Of the 9 churro breeds existing in our country, Churra Mirandesa wool is the softest, obviously maintaining its rustic character but with some delicacy in Kg. The selected wool has great quality both for spinning and felting.

Each unit purchased corresponds to 1 kg of raw wool.

If you are looking for an entire fleece, we also have it available in the store.

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