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Dry weld

Dry weld

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Reseda luteola produces the most solid yellow of natural origin. For this reason, it is an iconic plant and, alongside Madder and Indigo, is used for thousands of years in Natural Dyeing.
In our shop we have dried plants, grown by Saber Fazer in partnership with an organic farm. These plants are of a Portuguese variety from Reseda, well adapted to our climate. They are harvested in the summer when they are at the peak of dye production, selected, dried, cut and packaged by us.

Each bag includes a mix of flowers, leaves and stems. All parts must be used for dyeing.

100gr of dried plants should dye about 300gr of fiber to obtain a bright yellow.

We regularly use the plants grown by us in our dyeing workshops, so we know first hand that this weld produces clear and intense yellows.

It can be used dye the very well known yellow from Reseda, or over-dyed with indigo to produce the classic "Lincoln green". To make the color stand out, at the end it is recommended to alkalize the fibers a little.

- Reseda luteola (weld)
- Dried plants
- Organic produced in Portugal
- available in packs of 50gr or 100gr

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