Seeds of Pastel-dos-Tintureiros (Isatis tinctoria)

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Woad is a biennial plant from the Brassicaceae family whose leaves contain a precursor to the pigment of the indigo Isatan, being therefore one of the sources of the blue color.l.

The seeds can be sown between February and July. Germination occurs more easily if the seeds are buried deep and then covered with a thin layer of soil. They can be germinated in trays and then transplanted to the place where they will grow. They can be soaked the night before to aid germination, but it is not absolutely necessary. When planting, they should be spaced about 45 cm apart.

The leaves can be harvested between June and September, so that pigment can be extracted or dyed with fresh leaves.

These Pastel-dos-tintureiros seeds were produced from our own culture. Each package contains more than 20 seeds.

Amount: more than 20 seeds

Age: seeds harvested in 2020

Germination: easy. It is faster if the seed is removed from the leaf-shaped "shell" and placed directly on the well-moist substrate.