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Louet Erica Loom

Louet Erica Loom

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Erica is Louet's latest loom model, an excellent option for those looking for a versatile, portable and easy to handle loom. It is available in 2 widths, 30cm or 50cm and has 4 shafts, which allows you to execute several fabric structures.

Louet Erica is an accessible loom, but with the system of lifting frames by pulleys that, until its launch, existed only in the highest range looms from Louet. Erica is therefore an excellent purchase for both beginners and professionals working with 4 shafts.

It is built in unvarnished wood laminate. This loom does not have boat shuttles or stick shuttles included. The floor stand for this loom can be purchased separately.


- width of 30 or 50 cm;

-  40/10 stainless steel reed;

- 4 shafts;

- 200 Texsolv heddles;


Delivery time: In stock for immediate shipping

Model dimensions of 30cm: 55cm width x 48cm length x 16cm height

30cm model weight: 3.5Kg

50cm model dimensions: 75cm width x 48cm length x 16cm height

50cm model weight: 6.5Kg

This loom does not include warping posts or shuttles.

It is possible to acquire a floor stand for this loom, so it can be used more comfortably.

It is possible to see and experience this loom in our atelier, as well as other tools and materials.

Saber Fazer is Louet's dealer in Portugal.

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