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Louet Klik 40 Loom

Louet Klik 40 Loom

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Klik is an excellent loom for beginners or for those looking for an affordable loom, but which allows the possibility of working with a large number of frames. This loom has a maximum weaving width of 40cm and four frames, but allows the addition of extra frame extensions up to 16 frames!

Each frame is lifted individually through the handles, being fixed by the side springs. The frames are lowered again when the springs are pressed laterally.

Klik is made of varnished solid beech and includes the following accessories:

- comb nº4 in stainless steel;

- 200 Texsolv heddles;

- 2 stick shuttles;

- warp sticks;

It does not include warping posts, but we have our portable warping posts model.

It is possible to acquire the floor stand for this loom, so that it can be used more comfortably and also the 4 frame extensions.

It is possible to see and experience this loom in our atelier, as well as other tools and materials.

Dimensions: 58cm width x 78 length x 21 cm height

Weight: 7Kg

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