Our orders are sent 3 times a week on CTT Expresso.
When we ship your order, you receive a notification in your email containing the order's identification code and a link so you can track your route.
You will also receive an informative SMS when the order is delivered.

Orders destined for non-European Union countries, regardless of the value of the product, are subject to Customs control and it may be necessary to pay tax charged in the country of destination. The costs of any Customs tax are the responsibility of the customer, their value depends on the Customs policies of each country.

Waste reduction policy on our shipments

#1 Packaging reuse
To reduce our ecological footprint, we have a policy of reusing packaging material when shipping our orders, thereby reducing the consumption of packaging material that would otherwise be discarded. It is, therefore, customary for you to receive your order in non-standard packaging. Usually, these packages are marked with a stamp that says "Recycled Packaging." This means that this material has already been used more than once (and may be used again by you).

#2 Less plastic
Whenever possible, we try not to use plastic in the packaging of our orders. When necessary, we like plastic and paper to be readily separable so that they can also be reused by the customer or recycled.
Thus, many of our orders are shipped wrapped in multiple layers of paper. When it becomes necessary to pack something more fragile, we use plastic that is easy to separate and, therefore, easy to reuse or recycle.

#3 Less disposable material
We are also of the opinion that less is more. We like to keep label production and shipping to a minimum. Although they are an exciting touch, we must admit that product tags are quickly discarded.
All the information you would find on the product label (and even more!) It can be permanently consulted on our website.
Our orders are usually sent with the postcard of the season and a simple but very sincere thank you note.

Thank you for understanding!