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Louet Jane loom

Louet Jane loom

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Loom width

Louet Jane is a foldable loom which is available in 3 weaving widths: 40, 50 and 70cm.
It has eight shafts, which allows for endless creation.
The lifting of the shafts is done through keys positioned on the front and a system of cables and pulleys that avoids the wear of the system.
The folding system makes it very compact for transport and storage.
The Jane loom is made of varnished solid beech and has a stainless steel reed 40/10, 400 Texsolv heddles and warp sticks.
The loom stand is available separately, but this loom can be used simply on a table.
It does not include shuttles, bobbins or other accessories such as warping posts and bobbin winder that must be purchased separately.

40cm Jane: 57 x 75 x 65 cm 8Kg)
70cm Jane: 87 x 75 x 65 cm 12Kg)

Delivery time: To inquire about specific delivery times, please contact us.

If in doubt about the accessories you need, please contact us.


Saber Fazer is Louet's official representative in Portugal. If you are looking for specific equipment that you don't find in the online store, don't hesitate to contact us.

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