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Handmade Linen Fabric - heavy weight

Handmade Linen Fabric - heavy weight

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Linen fabric (warp and weft), completely handmade produced from Galego linen, cultivated and handcrafted in the North of Portugal. 

Flax is a demanding and laborious fiber in its production, from the seed to the fiber. Linen spinning is also the most demanding and laborious

This is a thick, heavyweight fabric, more suitable for uses that require some structure, such as bags.

It has a width of 80cm and is available in increments of 20 or 50cm. If you select 2 pieces of 50cm, you will receive an entire piece of 1 meter in length.


Width: 80cm

Raw material: Galego flax grown and handprocessed

Composition: handmade linen warp and weft

Spinning: manual with spindle

Weaving: handwoven

Finish: traditionally bleached with ash water

Source: Douro

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