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4 and 5 of November 2023 - Mexican Waist Loom Masterclass with Gabina Valentín - IN PERSON

4 and 5 of November 2023 - Mexican Waist Loom Masterclass with Gabina Valentín - IN PERSON

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During the weekend of November 4 and 5, the TuYo Foundation is bringing Gabina Valentin López, an Amuzga weaver from Xochistlahuaca, on Mexico's Costa Chica, to Saber Fazer to share her culture and craft production techniques.

During the afternoon of Saturday and the day of Sunday, Gabi will lead a waist loom masterclass for those who want to learn this ancient technique. During the Masterclass, she will teach how to assemble the warp on a belt loom, weave the Amuzga symbolism, learn the meanings of each symbol and get to know some of the local plants used in natural dyeing processes. 

At the end of the class, each student will take home the product of their work as well as the belt loom, which was handmade in Mexico by Gabi and her family. This class is suitable both for those who have no knowledge of weaving and for those who already have knowledge of other types of weaving. 
The Masterclass will be given in Spanish with translation accompaniment by Inês Queirós.

The Masterclass includes
- the belt loom and its components
- the materials used in weaving
- assembling the warp on the loom
- the Amuzgo weaving process ("extra weft weaving")

About Gabina Valentin López

Gabina Valentín López is an Amuzgo weaver from Xochistlahuaca, Guerrero, on Mexico's Costa Chica. At the age of nine, she began weaving and learning the traditional symbolism of the indigenous community alongside her older relatives. Forced to migrate to the urban area of Mexico City, weaving became an evening activity for a few years in order to feel closer to her roots. With passion and determination, Gabina dedicates her life to preserving and maintaining her textile culture. She travels around Mexico to sell the work of the Amuzgas weavers, safeguarding the independence of each woman and keeping their culture alive.

About the TuYo Foundation

The TuYo Foundation was created in 2021 (Amsterdam, Netherlands) by a team of artists and craftspeople who aim to preserve, rescue and promote ancestral textile techniques, supporting local communities with socially and environmentally responsible practices. 
TuYo aims to create a future where textile-dependent communities can thrive with fair wages and security, preserving their identity and breaking down any stereotypes about indigenous life.



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Orientation: Gabina Valentín;
Days: November 4 and 5, 2023 (Saturday and Sunday);
Time: 3-7pm (Saturday) and 9am-7pm (Sunday) / 12h in total;

Oficina Saber Fazer
Rua da Aliança 112, Porto
T: 968851237


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