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Black wool fleece from Campaniça

Black wool fleece from Campaniça

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Raw black fleece from Campaniça breed sheep from Isabel Cartaxo's flock, located in the Baixo Alentejo. This flock, made up of sheep registered in the Genealogical Book, is raised in extensive grazing and organic farming.

The wool is selected and skirted by Isabel, who is a spinner and weaver herself.


Campaniça wool is a medium-thick wool with a full-bodied feel, without being rough. What it lacks in fineness, it makes up for in length, standing out for combining longer, lustrous fibers with the absence of kamp.
It is a wool that stands out for being very pleasant to spin and/or felt, and lends itself to a wide range of uses. In felting, it combines a good reduction capacity with a full-bodied character, which also allows it to be used for various purposes with good results.
The fleece has dense, homogeneous locks with plenty of fat. The fibers are well aggregated, showing some waviness, which gives them a certain elasticity, but they tend to be thicker than some of the other "Bordaleira" breeds.

The Campaniça is a small animal, endowed with great rusticity and longevity, which allows it to survive in difficult conditions and still be exploited in a triple role of meat-milk-wool. Its home is in the "Campo Branco" region, in the Baixo Alentejo interior, although there are some scattered herds.
After being declared endangered at the end of the 1980s, the Genealogical Book of the breed was created by ACOS and a Conservation and Improvement Program was introduced, which has since been recovering and maintaining the characteristics that distinguish it.

Saber Fazer's marketing of raw wool has two main objectives:

#1: To value wool from its source: the producer. We buy the wool above market value, valuing not only a quality raw material, but also the producers who are dedicated to their animals and take wool production into consideration.
Although the way we proceed is not yet the standard in Portugal, we want to set an example.

#2: To bring an absolutely excellent product to people who appreciate wool as much as we do! Wool that has been well selected by someone who spins and makes a living from textiles, impeccably sheared by a professional shearer, dehaired and stored to preserve its quality.
The term most often used to describe the wool we've selected is "delicious" and it usually elicits big sighs! If we could, we'd keep it all here in the atelier, but we like to share the pleasure of wool and make the best of Portuguese wool known.

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