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Black wool fleece from Merino

Black wool fleece from Merino

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Whole fleece from Black Merino sheep belonging to a flock registered with ANCORME and raised organically, under extensive grazing.

The selection and skirting of the wool was carried out at the time of shearing by Marta Branquinho, the producer of these animals, who received training from us in this area in 2020.

The wool of the Merina Preta breed, an indigenous Portuguese breed, has a more rustic profile than the wool of other merino breeds bred specifically to produce finer wool, while still being soft and elastic. It is therefore less fine, but more resilient, and the natural colors are absolutely exceptional. It is suitable for a wide range of uses, from garments that can be worn next to the skin to pieces that require a little more resistance. In felting, it has an excellent reduction capacity.
Merino sheep with pigmented wool, such as our Black Merinos, are rare animals that exhibit beautiful natural colors that we can take advantage of. The industry has a preference for white animals, so the lack of commercial interest in pigmented wool has led to a decline in the breeding of these animals and a drop in their value too. Fortunately, we love pigmented wool and taking advantage of its natural shades and variations!

Saber Fazer's marketing of raw wool has two main objectives:

#1: To value wool from its source: the producer. We buy the wool above market value, valuing not only a quality raw material, but also the producers who are dedicated to their animals and take wool production into consideration. Although the way we do things is not yet the standard in Portugal, we want to set an example.
The shearing is also carried out by our own shearer and the selection is made on the spot, which means we have to go to the location of the herd. With this, we also want producers to see how we do things and begin to have experience and knowledge of this area of wool.

#2: To bring an absolutely excellent product to people who appreciate wool as much as we do! This is wool that has been well selected by someone who spins and makes a living from textiles, impeccably sheared by a professional shearer, dehaired and stored to preserve its quality.
The term most often used to describe the wool we've selected is "delicious" and it usually elicits big sighs! If we could, we'd keep it all here in the atelier, but we like to share the pleasure of wool and show the best of Portuguese wool to those who share this passion with us.

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