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Blending Board 108tpi

Blending Board 108tpi

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Our blending board has a carding surface of 30x30cm and is available with 108TPI cloth.
Its back has an anti-slip backing, making the working process more comfortable. It also includes a special card for mixing colors and two rollers to remove the fibre from the board.

- Carding surface: 30x30cm
- Cloth density: available with 108TPI cloth (for finer fibers);
- Includes: card for color mixing and two rollers to remove the fibre;

We also have blending board cloth available.

What does "TPI" mean? TPI refers to "teeth per inch". TPI defines the density of the teeth on the card cloth. A denser cloth will have more teeth per unit of surface area and will be more suitable for carding finer wools. A less dense cloth has fewer teeth and is better suited for thicker wools.

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