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Cable for interchangeable circular knitting KnitPro needles

Cable for interchangeable circular knitting KnitPro needles

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To accompany our interchangeable knitting needles, we also have cables for circular needles available.

Tough and flexible, these cables work for the entire range of interchangeable KnitPro branded circular needles.

Each cable includes two locks and a key, which must be used to properly tighten the cable to the needles. The blockers allow the tips of the needles to be separated from the cable, and the stitches can rest on the cable without slipping and the work unraveling.

We have cables available with a total length of 80cm, including the needle tips.
This length is commonly used for knitting circular pieces with a diameter greater than 80cm, or as a substitute for straight knitting needles.
The cable without the needles has a length of 58cm.

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