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Walnut powder

Walnut powder

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The walnut tree is a large tree of the Juglandaceae family. The green capsule that surrounds the fruit of the walnut tree (Juglans regia) can be used in natural dyeing to obtain shades between brown and black.

The walnut husks offer extremely solid colors, and as they contain natural mordants (tannins), it is not necessary to mordant the fibers before dyeing them.

There are several methods for dyeing with walnut capsules: it is possible to dye through fermentation or decoction processes.
Walnut is also known for the black it offers when used in conjunction with iron sulfate.

It is available in 100gr bags.

- Powdered walnut husks
- Quantity: 100gr
- Origin: India


We now have an online mini-course available to teach you how to scour, mordant and finish textile fibers for Natural Dyeing!

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