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Handcarders - curved paddle

Handcarders - curved paddle

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Cloth density

Hand carders with curved paddle.
They are an excellent option for anyone looking for an affordable pair of cards with an ergonomic design.
Manual cards are used in the carding process of textile fibers, in order to prepare them for spinning.
The materials used in the manufacture of these cards make them very resistant and light.

They are available in two different tpi: 72TPI which are the most versatile for use in Portuguese wools and 120TPI, used in carding very fine wools.

Cards are sold in pairs. One unit = 2 cards.

- Carding area: 19x10cm;
- Cloth density: 72TPI or 120TPI cloth;
- Set of 2 cards;

We also have available card cloths, suitable for replacing old or worn card cloths.

What does "TPI" mean? TPI refers to "teeth per inch." The TPI defines the density of the teeth on the card cloth. A denser cloth will have more teeth per unit of surface area and will be more suitable for carding finer wools. A less dense cloth has fewer teeth and is better suited for thicker wools.

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