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Coreopsis tinctoria seeds

Coreopsis tinctoria seeds

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Coreopsis tinctoria is an annual plant whose flowers offer colors in the spectrum of yellows and oranges.
It is a resistant and generous plant, producing an incredible amount of flowers in the months it is in bloom. The flowers can be used fresh or dried in natural dyeing. If we continue to pluck the flowers, they will continue to bloom.
Coreopsis are sown in the spring and will flower generously throughout the summer and possibly much more. Plants should be spaced about 20 / 30cm apart.
The seeds come from our own culture, carried out in an organic way. Each package contains approximately 200 seeds.

On our blog, you will find tips and instructions to germinate several of the seeds that you can find in our online store:

Amount: 200 seeds approx.
Germination: very easy. It is not necessary to demolish the seeds in advance; just ensure that the substrate is well-moist.

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