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Rustic Artisanal Linen

Rustic Artisanal Linen

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This linen tow yarn, of rustic character, is produced in a completely handcrafted way.The term "tow" refers to the shorter flax fibers that are left over from the heckling process. Yarns and fabrics made from tow fibers are usually thicker and more rustic in character.

This yarn has not been bleached and has a natural brown tone and traces of vegetable matter.

It is a single-ply and each skein weighs about 50gr.

This linen thread is completely handmade from seed to thread. The flax is of the Galego variety, a regional Portuguese flax that is traditionally used in Portugal for the production of fiber and is nowadays only found in rare locations. The production of the fiber is completely traditional and its processing is completely handmade, within the traditional techniques usually practiced in our country.

Weight: 50gr skeins
Structure: single ply
Fibre: Galego flax, traditionally produced in an organic way
Processing: completely handcrafted, from picking to spinning
Finish: traditionally bleached
Spinning method: hand spinning with traditional spindle
Origin: Portugal

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