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November 26th / Basics of Wet Felting Workshop - IN PERSON

November 26th / Basics of Wet Felting Workshop - IN PERSON

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Felting is an incredible technique that contains immense creative potential. However, it is also one of the techniques on which we find less accurate and fundamental information, especially with regard to Wet Felting.

With this Basics of Wet Felting workshop we want to establish a solid base for those who want to start in the technique properly, to then advance safely to more specific areas.

This workshop is suitable both for beginners and for those who already work with felting but are looking to acquire more rigorous technical knowledge.

It includes the Introduction to Felting Handbook (Portuguese) developed by Saber Fazer and is the only one available in Portuguese.
The workshop is guided by Ana Rita de Albuquerque whose artistic work is primarily based on felt, but not only. He has incomparable technical knowledge about wool and felting techniques, which makes this workshop a very special learning opportunity.

Workshop topics:
- Introduction to the theory and mechanics of the felting technique
- Introduction to types of wool and their characteristics
- Introduction to the two main types of wool processed for felting (carded and combed), their specific characteristics and uses
- Practical cord exercise
- Three-dimensional practical exercise
- Two-dimensional practical exercise, including simple and crossed fiber layouts, notion of the relationship between fiber direction/reduction/work homogeneity.
- Inclusion of elements, with notions of textile compaction in layers
- Freer, three-dimensionally complex exploration of the simplest form/mold
- Felting, flooring, washing and finishing

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Teacher: Ana Rita de Albuquerque;
Date: November 26th (Saturday);
Schedule: 9h30-18h30 (7h);

Notes: the price of the workshop includes all materials and the workshop handbook;

Saber Fazer Workshop
Rua da Aliança 112-114, Porto
Nearest Metro Station: “Carolina Michaelis” or “Marquês”

Cancelation policy: Participation in a paid workshop can be canceled with a full refund up to 10 days before the workshop date. Less than a week before the workshop is held, we are unable to make a refund.

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