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Wet Felting material kit

Wet Felting material kit

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Wet felting is an area that is still little explored in a rigorous way, but has immense creative potential. 
For those looking to get started in this technique, we have created a basic kit of materials for soap and water felting.

In this kit, in addition to all the necessary tools, we also include two types of processed wool for felting (carded and combed) so that you can experiment with materials with different specificities.

Our material kit includes:

Wool top / 50gr x 3 colors - leave us a note indicating the number of colors you would like to receive with your order; if you do not indicate any we will choose the colors for you;
- Carded wool / 100gr;
- Sprinkler;
- Bubble wrap / 80x60cm;
- Synthetic organza fabric / 50x50cm;
- Soap (suitable for the project).

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