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Kit DIY Blending Board Deluxe - Golden Fleece Carders

Kit DIY Blending Board Deluxe - Golden Fleece Carders

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Cloth density

For those who want to create their own totally unique but highest quality blending board, we have available this DIY Golden Fleece Carders Kit which contains the necessary components to create your own blending board on your chosen wood surface.

- Carding surface: 30x30cm
- Cloth density: available with 72TPI cloth (the most versatile) and 108TPI cloth (for finer fibeRs);
- Includes: 72TPI or 108TPI cloth, 2 cards to make the color mix and two rollers to remove the fibre;

What does "TPI" mean? TPI refers to "teeth per inch." The TPI defines the density of the teeth on the card cloth. A denser cloth will have more teeth per unit of surface area and will be more suitable for carding finer wools. A less dense cloth has fewer teeth and is better suited for thicker wools.

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