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Kromski Prelude spinning wheel

Kromski Prelude spinning wheel

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The Kromski Prelude is an affordable and versatile spinning wheel, but with the Kromski quality guarantee, suitable for both beginners and experienced spinners.
This wheel model has the "scotch tension" system, which means that the main wheel is connected to the flyer through the elastic band, fitting in one of the 3 whorls of the flyer according to the desired ratio and the tension is adjusted through the rope that passes over the bobbin. Wheels with this type of tension are more suitable for those looking to spin thinner yarns.
All wheels include a flyer with hooks, 3 bobbins and their respective lazy kate.

In case of doubt regarding the type of wheel you need, please contact us.

- built-in solid birch
- single flyer drive
- scotch tension system
- elastic band
- 1 pedal
- Main wheel: Ø 45 cm
- Ratios: 6.0, 10.5, 13: 1
- Weight: 4 kg
- includes 3 bobbins with a capacity of 120gr
- lazy kate for 2 bobbins incorporated
- 5 year manufacturer's warranty

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