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Kromski Fantasia Spinning wheel

Kromski Fantasia Spinning wheel

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Fantasia is Kromski's most modern spinning wheel design. In fact, what distinguishes it is not so much its design, but the way in which the flyer is incorporated. This is attached to the wheel by an extremely strong magnet, which allows us to change the bobbins without having to remove the drive band.
The flyer, the bobbins and the whorls are 3 separate components, allowing easy component interchanges.
As the flyer and the wheel use different bearings, this wheel model has an extremely smooth and quiet operation.
This wheel also has sliding hooks on the flyer and offers four different ratios, allowing you to create a wide variety of threads.

If you are doubt about the type of wheel you need, please contact us.

- solid birch frame, MDF wheel
- 2 pedals
- flyer with sliding hooks
- scotch tension system
- elastic band
- Ratios included: 5: 1, 8: 1
- includes 3 bobbins with a capacity of 120gr
- lazy kate for 2 bobbins included
- Main wheel: Ø 46 cm
- Weight: 5.7 kg
- 5 year manufacturer's warranty

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