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Kromski Harp Forte rigid heddle loom

Kromski Harp Forte rigid heddle loom

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The Harp Forte loom is a rigid heddle loom by Kromski that is available as a kit. It includes everything necessary to start weaving, including warping posts. It is possible to add a second heddle to the loom, so that you can create double fabrics or more complex fabric structures.
It is available in 4 widths: 20cm, 40cm, 60cm and 80cm. It is foldable, facilitating storage and transport, and has its own bag that can be purchased separately.

*We have a 60cm loom in stock, ready to be picked up/shipped

- available in 20cm, 40cm, 60cm or 80cm width
- warping posts
- 5 year manufacturer's warranty
- varnished finish maintaining the natural color of the wood
- folding in half, facilitating transport and storage
- includes double blocks for 2 heddles

Included accessories:
- 8-dent heddle
- 1 reed hook
- 2 stick shuttles
- 1 pick-up stick
- 2 table clamps
- warping posts (12 pins that attach to the loom itselfs)
- warping helper
- warping peg
- double heddle blocks, which allows to weave more complex structures

Optional accessories:
- carrying bag
- stand
- extra heddles

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