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Carded wool - Black Merino from Monte dos Cedros

Carded wool - Black Merino from Monte dos Cedros

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Carded wool suitable for spinning, felting or filling has arrived at our store.
This wool comes from the herd of Merina Preta sheep from Monte dos Cedros, raised in a certified organic way.
It has little processing, just being washed and carded, thus maintaining a very natural character. It has traces of plant matter.

Fiber preparation: carded
Color: natural brown
Quantities: 100gr, 500gr and 1kg
Fiber origin: Évora - Portugal
Breed: Merina Preta (animals registered in genealogical book)
Washing and carding: Beira Alta

We strive to control the whole process of shearing and selection of our wool in order to make the best of Portuguese wool available to other textile fiber enthusiasts and makers! We buy the wool above market value in order to value its producers, thus enhancing the quality of raw material.

The Black Merina wool, an indigenous Portuguese breed, is a wool with a more rustic profile than other merino breeds bred specifically for the production of finer wools, yet soft and elastic. It is, therefore, less fine but more resilient, and the natural colors are absolutely exceptional. It is suitable for a wide range of uses, from garments that can be worn next to the skin to garments that require a little more resistance. In felting, it has an excellent reduction capacity.

Merino sheep with pigmented wool, like our Black Merinas, are rare animals that exhibit beautiful natural colors that we can take advantage of. The industry has a preference for white animals, so the lack of commercial interest in pigmented wool has dictated the decline in breeding these animals and the fall in their value too. Fortunately, we love pigmented wool and taking advantage of its natural shades and variations!

Our shearings are always carried out by Martin O'Connel, a professional shearer who we have been working with since 2015. In a shearing, it is not enough for us that the fleece is removed in one piece and without repassing, but also that the animals are treated with the dignity they deserve. The animals are shorn on a wooden platform to avoid contamination of the wool, and the fleeces are immediately placed on the unraveling table, where we remove the dirty parts.

The Monte dos Cedros belongs to Carlos and Marta, two young producers who have recently started rearing Merina Preta sheep under extensive and biological grazing, which means that the sheep graze freely throughout the year.

These animals are registered in a Genealogical Book, thus contributing to safeguarding the genetic heritage they represent.

The flock presented excellent quality wool, which undoubtedly reflects the producers' dedication to these animals. As we usually say: happy sheep give the best wool, and those from Monte dos Cedros are happy!

They are definitely producers whose values are aligned with ours, and we are happy to support their work.

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