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Tipologias de Tecelagem de Vinhais

Tipologias de Tecelagem de Vinhais

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This manual, which is technical in nature, aims to make it possible to reproduce the types of weaving that are part of the cultural lexicon of this region and thus enable their revival. In an initial phase, several pieces collected in various parishes of Vinhais, such as quilts, blankets, and carnet suits, generously donated by members of the community who lovingly preserve these artifacts, were documented. After the identification of the fabric typologies representative of the region, they were duly analyzed and their technical sheets produced. This technical analysis and respective translation to the universal language of weaving are one of the indispensable steps to make the information accessible and possible for the reproduction of these fabrics by new weavers and weavers.

This publication, developed within the project Culture for All in Vinhais, is available for free download.

**Available only in Portuguese**

Authors: Alice Bernardo, Guida Fonseca and Fernando Rei
Editorial design: Ofício / Maria Helena Silva
Publisher: Saber Fazer
Date: November 2022
Published: Digital Publication
ISBN: 978-989-99111-4-7

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