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Louet mini combs - double row

Louet mini combs - double row

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These double row Louet minicombs with are practical and effective tools for combing wool. With only 70gr of weight, they make the combing process easy and pleasant, allowing to produce a wool top composed only of the best and longest fibers. They are also great for tackling those more complicated fleeces that we so often encounter in Portugal, with some dirt that we can't remove in the wash and kemp. The combing process, by opening and aligning the fibers, eliminates all this undesirable material, selecting only the best fibers for our work.
The combing technique allows the fibers to be arranged in a more aligned way than the carding, being suitable for spinning combed yarns
They are produced from ash with a varnished finish. To make combs safer, Louet finishes the teeth to prevent them from being too aggressive.

This model has two rows of teeth, being suitable for all types of wool, including the finest.


Saber Fazer is Louet's official representative in Portugal. If you are looking for specific equipment that you don't find in the online store, don't hesitate to contact us.

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