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Louet electric drum carder

Louet electric drum carder

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A drum carder is an excellent investment for those who want to make fiber preparation faster and more effective. It can be used in the preparation of carded fibers for spinning and felting, for example.
This electric model from Louet is suitable for those who need to be more productive. The 3/4 HP internal motor, together with the pedal, leaves both hands free to insert the fibers in the carder. It has its own feet to be placed on the table without the need for staples. The engine has a device to prevent overheating and the drums are covered with a plastic part to ensure extra safety. The motor is connected to the large drum through a V-Belt system connected to the gears that are enclosed in a box. It has an approximate speed of 90rpm.

- built-in laminated birch;
- 20cm or 30cm wide drum;
- available with 72tpi cloth;
- 90rpm speed
- cards approximately 45gr / blanket
- includes utensils for removing the carded blanket and cleaning the drum;
- weighs 21Kg

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