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Louet Magic Dobby 70-24 loom with mechanical dobby

Louet Magic Dobby 70-24 loom with mechanical dobby

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Weaving width
Louet's Magic Dobby loom is an extremely portable 24-frame loom capable of complex weaving thanks to its mechanical dobby system.

The mechanical dobby is a system of program bars with pegs used in Louet's Magic Dobby loom. The numbered holes in the program bars correspond to the frames of the loom. If you want to lift a frame, place a peg in the corresponding hole in the program bar. The number of program bars that make up the chain can be adapted to the weaving pattern. However, if the number of program bars becomes too large, it might be better to consider an electronic dobby.

The operation of the dobby system is easy to understand and work with. Using the MD as a table loom, you open the chute by lifting the frames selected by the lever. If the loom is mounted on the included floor stand, you can open the chute using the pedal and/or lever. 
The MD is a folding loom, making it easy to store or move.
It is available in weaving widths of 40 cm and 70 cm and is made of varnished beech. 
The loom is supplied with the tower section assembled and a floor stand with foot pedal, tilting stop system, 40-10 stainless steel comb, 600/800 Texsolv looms, tying and warp winding rulers. 

Dimensions (lxdxh) 
MD40: 58 x 100 x 140 cm
MD70: 88 x 100 x 140 cm
58 cm deep when folded

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