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Madder roots (Rubia cordifolia)

Madder roots (Rubia cordifolia)

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Madder is a herbaceous plant of the Rubiaceae family whose roots, which contain alizarin, is historically used in natural dyeing to produce colors in the red range.
This madder belongs to the variety Rubia cordifolia, grown in India and Pakistan.
Madder is one of the dyes that we always use in our dyeing workshops and, as such, we like to be able to make it available in our online store for those who also want to venture into Natural Dyeing.

To dye 100gr of fibers, we recommend using 100gr of whole madder roots. Using the same dye bath, it is possible to obtain progressively lighter tones, until it is exhausted.

It is available in 100gr bags.

- Madder roots (Rubia cordifolia)
- Quantity: 100gr
- Origin: India

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