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Myrobalan powder

Myrobalan powder

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Myrobalan is the common name given to trees of the species Terminalia chebula, which grow in Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Burma and Thailand, among other countries.
The nuts are ground, and this material can be used as a dye, producing a soft yellow, but also as a mordant for cellulosic fibers since it is a substance rich in tannins. 


- For pre-mordanting cellulosic fibers, it is recommended to use 15-20% of powder in relation to the weight of the fibers.

- The myrobalan is widely used in eco printing (botanical printing) in conjunction with iron sulfate to obtain blacks and other dark colors.

- To dye 100gr of fibers in a buttery yellow tone, we recommend using 20 to 30gr of powder myrobalan. 

- To obtain beautiful tones of Petroleum Blue, we can overdye with indigo a piece previously dyed with myrobalan.

It is available in bags of 100gr and 500gr.

- Myrobalan powder 
- Quantity: 100gr or 500gr
- Origin: India

We now have an online mini-course available to teach you how scour, mordant and finish textile fibers for Natural Dyeing!
These procedures are fundamental for your dyeing to have good results, uniform and vibrant colors and good resistance to light and washing.
Our course includes lessons for protein and cellulosic fibers, namely wool, silk, cotton and linen. Fibers can be dyed in a variety of ways, such as loose fiber, yarn, fabric, and even finished garments.

Link: Mini course - How to scour, mordant and finish textile fibers for Natural Dyeing

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