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Louet S17 spinning wheel

Louet S17 spinning wheel

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Louet's S17 is an exceptional wheel for beginners. All wheels include a flyer with hooks, 3 bobbins and their respective lazy kate support. The first generation of Louet spinning wheels, such as the S10 and S17, have a simple tensioning system applied to the flyer, which creates spinning wheels in which it is very easy to learn to spin and more suitable for spinning thicker yarn.

This model is the most accessible of the Louet wheels because it is built in laminated wood and is delivered without finishing, which means that it needs to be varnished, waxed or painted.

The Louet equipment is known to be of the highest quality and durability, and these wheels are no exception. Louet spinning wheels will last a lifetime.
The spinning wheels which are collected in our store include a brief introduction to wheel spinning so you can familiarise with your new spinning wheel.

- built in laminated wood
- without finishing
- elastic band
- Flyer single drive
- Flyers with hooks
- tension system "irish tension"
- 1 pedal
- Main wheel: Ø 50 cm
- Ratios in the irish tension system: 1: 5.5 / 1: 7.5 / 1: 10.5
- Weight: 5 kg

Delivery time: This item is available by order. Please contact us to confirm the delivery time.

Saber Fazer is Louet's official representative in Portugal. If you are looking for specific equipment that you don't find in the online store, don't hesitate to contact us.

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