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Book "Silk - from Silkworm to Thread"

Book "Silk - from Silkworm to Thread"

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The book "Silk - From Silkworm to Yarn" is a short manual dedicated to the process of handmade silk production. 

Starting with the rearing of the silkworm (Bombyx mori), this book describes in detail the entire production process, up to the extraction of the yarn from the cocoons, and is intended to serve as a support for all those who, like us, are passionate about this natural textile fiber and would like to learn more about its production on a small scale.

This publishing is the result of the research carried out by Saber Fazer since 2011, based on the actual practice of the processes surrounding silk production.

This first edition was entirely produced and finished in Porto. 


- 1st edition of 50 copies

- 65 pages

- Published by Saber Fazer

- Printed and finished in Porto

- Silkscreen cover: Oficina Atalaia

- Inside printing: Tipografia Peninsular

- Hand binding: Alfaiate do Livro

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