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Texsolv heddles

Texsolv heddles

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Texsolv heddles are the quality standard in all good looms and are available in different sizes, depending on the height of the frames. They are sold in sets of 100 heddles.
It is possible to use TexSolv heddles on new or old looms, but it is necessary to confirm the appropriate length for each loom.

Texsolv heddle lengths in stock:
- 150mm and 12mm eye (in stock)
- 205mm and 12mm eye (in stock)
- 220mm long and 12mm eye (in stock)
- 237mm long and 12mm eye**
- 268mm in length and 12mm eye (in stock)
- 280mm long and 12mm eye (in stock)
- 330mm long and 12mm eye (in stock)
- 390mm long and 12mm eye (in stock)

**Available to order. Please contact us.

If you need more specific lengths for your loom, TexSolv heddles are available in more sizes than we currently have in stock, depending on the loom model.

Saber Fazer is a TexSolv material reseller in Portugal. If you need a product that is not listed on our online store, do not hesitate to contact us.

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