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Merino da Beira Baixa Wool Fleece

Merino da Beira Baixa Wool Fleece

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The whole wool raw fleece of the Merina da Beira Baixa breed.

The Merina da Beira Baixa wool, a Portuguese native breed, is one of the finest Portuguese wools. It is extremely fine, crimped and elastic. It has a wide range of uses but is exceptionally delicate wool and is suitable for clothes that can be worn next to the skin. In felting, it has an excellent reduction and sculpting capacity.

Our shearings are always carried out by Martin O'Connel, a professional shearer with whom we have been working since 2015. In a shearing, it is not enough for us that the fleece is removed whole and without repassing, but also that the animals are treated with the dignity they deserve. The animals are sheared on a wooden platform to avoid contamination of the wool, and the fleeces are immediately placed on the unraveling table, where we remove the dirty parts, and select and separate the wool into 3 groups.

Our wool selection is always carried out at the time of shearing. The selection has in mind textile fiber aficionados and small producers who value receiving absolutely impeccable wool. Basically, people like us, who when they receive a bag of wool at home, want to be amazed by the smell of lanolin, by the elastic, resistant, crimped wool. Wool that makes us want to get to work.
Our aim is to show the best of Portuguese wool.

The commercialization of raw wool by Saber Fazer has two main objectives:

#1: To value the wool from the origin: the producer. The wool is bought by us above the market value valuing not only a raw material of quality but also the producers who are dedicated to their animals and take into consideration the production of wool.
Although the way we proceed is not yet standard in Portugal, we want to set an example.
The shearing is also carried out by our shearer, and the selection is made on the spot, which implies our traveling to the location of the herd. With this, we also want producers to see how we do it and start to have experience and knowledge about this area of Wool.

#2: To bring to people who love wool as much as we do an absolutely excellent product! Well-selected wool by someone who spun and made textiles for a living, impeccably sheared by a professional shearer, unweeded and stored to preserve its quality.
The term most often used to describe our selected wool is "delicious" and usually elicits big sighs! If we could, we would keep it all here in the atelier, but we like to share the pleasure of wool and bring out the best of Portuguese wool.

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