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Wool hand carders

Wool hand carders

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Kromski handcards are an excellent option, both in terms of quality and price.
One of our favorite features is its ergonomics: the comfortable, angled handles ensure that your hands never rub against the teeth. The paddles are made of birch laminate, which makes them light and resistant, essential so that we can card without much effort.
The 72tpi carders are the most versatile for use within the scope of Portuguese wool. However, if you want to card very fine wools, we advise you to use the 108tpi.
The cards are sold in pairs. One unit equals 2 cards.

What does "tpi" mean? TPI refers to "teeth per inch", meaning "teeth per inch". The tpi define the density of the teeth in the card cloth. A denser cloth will have more teeth per unit area and will be more suitable for carding thinner wools. A less dense cloth has fewer teeth and is more suitable for thicker wool.

Detailed information:
- external dimension of 22x12cm. 18x9cm carding area;
- laminated birch paddles, light and resistant;
- light and balanced to card with less effort;
- 72tpi cloth, with durable rubber and cotton base;
- set of 2 hand cards;
- manufactured in Poland by Kromski;

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