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KnitPro interchangeable knitting needles

KnitPro interchangeable knitting needles

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We have now available a novelty for knitting lovers: KnitPro interchangeable circular knitting needles.

Basix birch needles are very light yet durable and suitable for beginners and experienced users who enjoy working with wooden needles.

Circular interchangeable needles consist of two single-pointed needles joined by a flexible cable. By being interchangeable, these needles allow for interchangeable handles of different lengths and needles of different thicknesses. 

These needles can be used for circular knitting garments or as a replacement for straight knitting needles.

We have available needles in 4.5mm, 8mm and 9mm sizes to match the thickness of our yarns.
We also have cable available for our knitting needles.

The tips of the 4.5mm needles are 10cm long, while the tips of the 8mm and 9mm needles are 12cm long.

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