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KnitPro interchangeable knitting needles

KnitPro interchangeable knitting needles

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Interchangeable circular knitting needles from the KnitPro brand.
Basix birch needles, in birch wood, are very light but resistant, being indicated both for beginners and for experienced people who like to work with wooden needles.
Interchangeable circular needles are made up of two single-pointed needles joined together by a flexible cable. As they are interchangeable, these needles allow you to interchange cables of different lengths and needles of different thicknesses.
These needles can be used to knit circular pieces, or in place of straight knitting needles.
We have needles available in sizes of 4.5mm, 8mm and 9mm thick, to match the thickness of our threads.
We also have cables available for our knitting needles.

The 4.5mm needle tips are 10cm long, while the 8mm and 9mm needle tips are 12cm long.

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