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Natural dyeing material kit

Natural dyeing material kit

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For those who want to start in the wonderful world of natural dyeing but need help knowing where to start and which products to buy, we have created a kit with all the necessary materials so that you can carry out your first experiments.
This kit, is also a great gift for anyone looking for something special for dyeing lovers!

In our kit we include all the materials necessary to carry out the processes of preparation, mordanting and dyeing of textile fibers, that is, not only the main dyes of natural origin, but also all the mordants and assistants necessary to guarantee successful dyeing results.

Our material kit includes:

- Raw wool yarn (white) / 100gr skein
- Raw cotton fabric
- Rubia cordifolia powder / 100gr
- Cochineal whole / 20gr
- Turmeric powder / 100gr
- Myrobalan powder / 100gr
- Gallium powder / 100gr
- Potassium Alum / 100gr
- Tartaric acid / 100gr
- Soda carbonate / 100gr
- Calcium carbonate / 100gr
- Iron sulfate / 100gr
- pH strips / 80 strips


If you want to learn more about these processes and get started in a solid and complete way in the world of Dyeing, we now have our online course on Natural Dyeing Initiation available!

This course is suitable both for those who have no experience in the area and want to start with a good foundation, as well as for those who want to consolidate the knowledge they already have, or even for those who simply want to have good support for their regular practice.

This is an extensive and very complete course that aims to convey the fundamental concepts of Dyeing, going through all the preparation procedures, mordanting and dozens of methods for dyeing with the most important dyes of natural origin, even procedures for free experimentation.

Saber Fazer's online courses are courses that replicate the curriculum of our presential courses, but in pre-recorded video format. The contents are accessible at any time, on a dedicated platform, so you can take your training anywhere, at your own pace.
To view the full curriculum, please visit the course page on our online course platform.

If you have any questions, please contact us by sending an email to


Link: Online Natural Dyeing course with Guida Fonseca

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