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Textile fiber preparation and mordanting kit for Natural Dyeing

Textile fiber preparation and mordanting kit for Natural Dyeing

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The preparation and mordanting of textiles is a fundamental process to ensure good dyeing results, uniform and vibrant colors, and good resistance to light and washing.

Because we know that this is an essential process, but one that does not always receive due attention, we have created a kit that includes all the necessary mordants and assistants to prepare and mordant protein and cellulose fibers.

Our materials kit includes:

- Potassium Alum / 100gr - The universal mordant, used to mordant protein and cellulosic fibers;

- Tartaric acid / 100gr - Assistant used in the mordanting of wool;

- Soda Carbonate / 100gr - Assistant used in the washing and mordanting of cellulose fibers;

- Gallium powder / 100gr - Used in the pre-moistening of cellulose fibres with tannins. 


In order to learn more about these processes, we have available an online course dedicated to the preparation, mordanting and finishing of textile fibers for Natural Dyeing! This course includes lessons for protein and cellulosic fibers, namely wool, silk, cotton and linen.

Saber Fazer's online courses are courses that replicate the curriculum of our presential courses, but in a pre-recorded video format. The content is accessible at any time, on a specific platform, so you can take your training anywhere, at your own pace.

This mini-course is an integral part of our Online Course in Natural Dyeing.
If you choose, later on, to enroll in the full course in order to access all the contents, the value paid for this mini-course will be discounted in full!

If you have any questions, please contact us by sending an email to


Link: Mini-course "How to prepare, mordant and wash textiles for Natural Dyeing"

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