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Pongé silk fabric

Pongé silk fabric

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Lightweight pongé silk is suitable for felting. Since this silk is denser than chiffon silk, it is desirable to have some experience with felting and it is also recommended to use extra-fine merino wool.

In felting, it can be used in both wet felting (Nuno felting) and needle felting.
As a 100% natural fiber, it is also suitable for dyeing using natural dyeing methods.

The fabric is 92 cm wide and the length is your choice from the available variants. If you select more than one unit of length, the whole piece will be sent to you. If you want 1.5m of fabric, select the 0.5m and 1m variant.

To learn more about silk, see our book "Silk - from Caterpillar to Yarn".

- Pure, natural silk fabric (animal origin: Bombyx mori)
- Undyed
- Width 92cm 
- Density 20g/m²

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